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Financial Planning for Creatives

Join us for a discussion about how you, as an artist or creative can think about your career from a financial planning perspective. How can financial planning help you build resilience for the years, even decades to come? What are your peers doing to address financial challenges? What are some of the existing retirement, borrowing, and insurance tools that you might think about using? And what financial questions do you have but have always been too shy to ask?

This will be an open discussion, led by Larson Gunness, an independent financial planner and Certified Financial Planner® practitioner, who also has a creative practice and an MFA.

Sustaining a creative career can take a great deal of energy, determination, flexibility, and entrepreneurial spirit. And money. Financial challenges can feel completely in opposition to the energy and focus that creatives want to spend on their practice of making art, music, theater, etc. But unfortunately, we all eventually face the cruel reality of generating enough income to pay our bills, build a plan that can sustain us as we age, and address financial troubles before they become chronic and insurmountable. Even so, artists and creatives have advantages that many in the more mainstream society do not. With careful deliberate planning, artists and creatives can manage the financial side of their careers such that they can sustain themselves for decades.




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